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Crocodile Teeth Toy For Kids

Crocodile Teeth Toy For Kids

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Material: Plastic

Recommend Age: 3-6Y

Recommend Age: 6-12y



• Unique and Fun Design :The crocodile teeth toys have a fun and unique design that will capture the attention of kids and adults alike.

• Interactive Play :These toys are perfect for interactive play, allowing kids to pretend to be a dentist or play a game of luck pranks.

• Durable Material :Made from high-quality plastic, these toys are durable and can withstand rough play without breaking easily.

• Suitable for All Ages :These toys are suitable for children aged 6-12 years old, making them a great gift for any child who loves animals and games.

A Funny Toy for Both Kids and Adults

Green body with big eyes, long teeth and big mouth.

Crocodile Game Rules:

Crack open the crocodile’s mouth.

Simply press on a single tooth.

Play moves on to the next player.

If the crocodile chomps your hand, you are out of the game.

Reset the crocodile and continue playing until only one player remains.

Random Bite You: Every time you open the croc’s mouth a random tooth will be sore.You never know which tooth that will cause his jaw to snap shut.

Product information

Name:The Crocodile Teeth Game Toy

Size:5.9in * 3.93in * 2.95in

Quantity: 1 pc



Age:3 years old and above

NOTES: Due to different monitors and light, color difference cannot be completely avoided


*The picture is for reference only, the actua design of the product may vary.

*Product size is manually measured, there is a certain error.

*Slight differences in color are normal.

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